Providing parcel transportation throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. Road, air, and sea transport. Express and Economy. Individually and effectively.

We are providing a reliable transportation throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. We are cooperating solely with verified professionals and trustworthy partners. Therefore, our portfolio includes the road transport, air transport and sea transport. We offer several alternatives depending on your intention either to deliver quickly or to save costs. We provide convenient tariffs for single shipment as well as for long-term partnership. We are always dealing individually, responsibly and effectively.

Domestic transportation

The shipments for delivery throughout the Czech Republic are customarily delivered by road transport. There are two alternatives to be chosen. Economy is the most frequent option and is also popular for its convenient price, Express may be preferred for fast delivery.

  • Express – If the shipment is submitted in the morning, delivery is realized in the afternoon the same day. Due to optimisation of traffic roads, the service is being offered for very favourable prices.
  • Economy – Clients’ popular choice, cheaper form of transport. High standard, reliability and delivery of shipment usually on the following working day.

When the shipments need to be expedited throughout the whole day without delay, we are offering the daily cartage regime, when the driver arrives to the cartage address regularly in an agreed time to pick up the shipments for delivery.

International transportation

With plenty of verified partners all over the world, we will deliver your shipment almost everywhere. We are delivering from small shipments to large and heavy consignments. We are providing road transportation and sea transportation in containers, or air cargo shipments. We are ready to assist you to choose the best possible transport suitable for your requirements.

  • Express – fast air transport. An ideal way for your to deliver anything anywhere and quickly. For instance, shipments to Germany and EU countries are being delivered within the following working day. You can track and trace your shipment online throughout the delivery.
  • Economy – transport within the regular delivery times and favourable prices. This alternative is the most frequent road truck transport. The air transport or sea transport may be applied as well. As for the Express option, you can also track and trace your shipment throughout the delivery.
  • Super Economy – The most convenient transportation, with shipments up to 2 kg. Service is unique for its reliability and highly favourable price. The delivery of the shipment may be tracked via our website. The service may be even cheaper when the track and trace is not required.